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Peer-reviewed primary research articles

Video abstracts for recent papers of note:

Ehlers et al. (2023) Pain

Sadler et al. (2021) Science Translational Medicine

Reviews and book chapters


  1. Ehlers VL, Sadler KE, Stucky CL (2023). Peripheral TRPV4 hypersensitivity contributes to chronic sickle cell disease pain. Pain. In press.

    • Pain Editor's Pick

  2. Mikesell AR, Isaeva O, Moehring F, Sadler KE, Menzel AD, Stucky CL (2022). Keratinocyte PIEZO1 modulates cutaneous mechanosensation. eLife 11:e65987. PMID: 36053009.

  3. Trask S, Mogil JS, Helmstetter FJ, Stucky CL, Sadler KE (2022). Contextual control of conditioned pain tolerance and endogenous analgesic systems. eLife 11:e75283. PMID: 35275062

    • Sex Differences in the Contextual Control of Conditioned Pain Tolerance Pain Research Forum coverage
    • ​Editors' Paper of the Week, Pain Research Forum, March 12-18, 2022
  4. Waltz TB, Burand AJ, Sadler KE, Stucky CL (2021). Sensory specific peripheral nerve pathology in a rat model of Fabry disease. Neurobiology of Pain 10:100074. PMID: 34541380. 

  5. Sadler KE*, Moehring F*, Shiers SI, Laskowski LJ, Mikesell AR, Plautz ZR, Brezinski AN, Mecca CM, Dussor G, Price TJ, McCorvy JD, Stucky CL (2021) Transient receptor potential canonical 5 (TRPC5) mediates inflammatory mechanical and spontaneous pain in mice. Science Translational Medicine 13: eabd7702. PMID: 34039739. (*co-first authors)

  6. Sadler KE*, Moehring F*, Stucky CL (2020) Keratinocytes contribute to normal cold and heat sensation. eLife 9: e58625. PMID: 32729832. (*co-first authors)

  7. Sadler KE, Lewis TR, Waltz TB, Besharse JC, and Stucky CL (2019) Peripheral nerve pathology in sickle cell disease mice. Pain Reports 4(4): e765. PMID: 31247672.

  8. Sadler KE, Langer SN, Menzel AD, Moehring F, Erb AN, Brandow AM, and Stucky CL (2019) Gabapentin alleviates chronic spontaneous pain and acute hypoxia-related pain in a mouse model of sickle cell disease. British Journal of Haematology 187(2): 246-260. PMID: 31247672.

  9. Sadler KE*, Zappia KJ*, Weyer AD, O’Hara C, Langer SN, Hillery CA, and Stucky CL (2018) Chemokine (c-c motif) receptor 2 mediates mechanical and cold hypersensitivity in sickle cell disease. Pain 159(8): 1652-1663. PMID: 29697532. (*co-first authors)

  10. Sadler KE, Gartland N, Cavanaugh JE, and Kolber BJ (2017) Central amygdala expression of metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 linked to age-dependent changes in pain sensitivity. Neurobiology of Aging S0197-4580(17):30131-8. PMID: 28526294.

  11. Sadler KE, McQuaid NA, Cox AC, Behun MN, Trouten AM, and Kolber BJ (2017) Divergent functions of the left and right central amygdala in visceral nociception. Pain 158(4): 747-759. PMID: 28225716.

  12. Wolz MJ, Sadler KE, Long CC, Brenner DS, Kim BS, Gereau RW IV, & Kolber BJ (2016) Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation following human cold pain testing. Pain Reports 1: e569. PMID: 28664196.

  13. Long CC, Sadler KE, Kolber BJ. (2016) Hormonal and molecular effects of restraint stress on formalin-induced pain-like behavior in male and female mice. Physiology and Behavior 16: 278-285. PMID: 27520589.

  14. Sadler KE, Stratton JM, Kolber BJ (2014) Urinary bladder distension evoked visceromotor responses as a model for bladder pain. Journal of Visualized Experiments. (86), e51413. PMID: 24798516.

  15. Sadler KE, Stratton JM, DeBerry JJ, Kolber BJ (2013) Optimization of a pain model: effects of body temperature and anesthesia on bladder nociception in mice. PLoS ONE 8(11): e79617. PMID: 24223980.

  16. Crock LW, Kolber BJ, Morgan CD, Sadler KE, Vogt SK, Bruchas MR & Gereau RW IV (2012) Central amygdala mGluR5 in the modulation of visceral pain. Journal of Neuroscience 32(41): 14217-26. PMID: 23055491.


  17. Sadler KE, Mogil JS, Stucky CL (2022). Innovations and advances in modeling and measuring pain in animals. Nature Reviews Neuroscience. PMID: 34837072.

  18. Sadler KE, Patitucci TN, Stucky CL (2022) Ex vivo skin-teased fiber recordings from tibial nerve. In Seal R (ed) Contemporary Approaches to the Study of Pain: from Molecules to Neural Networks, Springer Nature, New York.

  19. Sadler KE and Stucky CL (2019) Neuronal transient receptor potential (TRP) channels and noxious sensory detection in sickle cell disease. Neuroscience Letters 694: 184-191. PMID: 30508569.

  20. Sadler KE and Kolber BJ (2016) Urine trouble: Alterations in brain function associated with bladder pain. Journal of Urology 196(1): 24-32. PMID: 26905019.

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