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Kate joined the Department of Neuroscience and Center for Advanced Pain Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas in January 2023. Kate grew up in southwestern Pennsylvania and attended the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg for her undergraduate studies. She completed her doctoral training with Dr. Ben Kolber at Duquesne University and her postdoctoral training with Dr. Cheryl Stucky at the Medical College of Wisconsin. For over a decade, Kate has been using rodent models to study the neurobiological basis of pain. When she's not in the lab, Kate enjoys quilting, baking fancy treats, riding her Peloton, and going to Third Eye Blind concerts. 

Kate Sadler, PhD
Principal Investigator

Postdoctoral fellows


Kate grew up on the South Shore of Massachusetts and attended Utica College in New York for undergraduate studies in biochemistry. She moved back to Massachusetts to complete her PhD at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. There, she worked with Dr. Suzanne Scarlata to study the role of calcium in neuronal plasticity. Her first postdoc was completed at UT Southwestern in Dr. Rachel Bailey's lab. When she's not in lab, Kate enjoys spending time with her family and going on runs.  

Kate Pearce, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

Graduate students

Come work with us! The Sadler Lab is actively recruiting PhD students through the Cognition and Neuroscience PhD program at UTD. 

Undergraduate students

lucia cardona.png

Lucia is an undergraduate biochemistry major interested in research and medicine. She joined the Sadler lab because of her interest in the gut microbiome and chronic pain. She loves spending time outside, playing with her dogs, finding cute ice cream shops, and drinking lots of decaf coffee. 

Lucia Cardona
Undergraduate Researcher


Cheri is an undergraduate at UTD studying cognitive science. In the summer of 2022, she worked in Dr. Burton's Neuroimmunology and Behavior Lab under the Clark Summer Research Program, where she gained an interest in the neuroscience of pain. Cheri's too-much-time-on-her-hands activities include reading, lifting, crocheting, and successfully not burning the kitchen down.  

Cheri Chan
Undergraduate Researcher


Nawal is an undergraduate neuroscience major interested in pursuing medicine and research. After working in the Price Lab for one year, she developed a passion for neuroscience and pain and is excited to expand her knowledge in the Sadler Lab. In her free time, Nawal likes to play basketball, learn more about video editing, and catch up on shows.

Nawal Khan
Undergraduate Researcher


Aditi is an undergraduate neuroscience major interested in pursuing medicine. Wanting to combine her past experiences of pain and gut microbiome research, she joined the Sadler Lab. When she's not in the lab, she enjoys fostering puppies, going on walks with friends, traveling to new places, and taking photos of said puppies and travel.  

Aditi Manjrekar
Undergraduate Researcher

other VIPs


Rooney is originally from Iowa,

which explains why she has stolen more than one stick of butter off of the counter in her life. Not a fan of lab work, she prefers to spend her time playing with friends at daycare, finding fun hikes in Dallas, and snuggling on the couch. 


Lab Mascot

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